Posted by Ethan Zindler on Mon 06/23/2014

Ethan Zindler

An afternoon panel focused on the need to ramp up private sector investment in climate-smart development. Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, reflected on the role of the CIF in paving the way for private investment in renewable energy.

Posted by Amal-Lee Amin on Mon 06/23/2014

Amal-Lee Amin

Amal-Lee Amin, Associate Director of E3G, reflects on the origins of the CIF. She explains why it was important, and novel, to develop a partnership between the multilateral development banks.

Posted by Martin Stadelmann on Thu 06/05/2014
Solar power is one of the most promising options for India to meet its growing electricity demand. While the construction of further fossil fuel power plants is slowing due to lower domestic coal production than expected and the high cost of fuel imports, installations of solar plants are on the rise.
Posted by Martha Stein-Sochas on Wed 04/23/2014
Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit
The time is now. That was my overriding impression from attending the Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit in New York two weeks ago.  Conferences such as this are always useful but it’s rare that you leave thinking “this really feels like a defining moment.” But there was definitely a sense that the clean energy industry is changing dimension and gaining momentum.
Posted by Christine Roehrer on Fri 04/18/2014

After a year and a half of hard work on creating user friendly monitoring and reporting toolkits, the fruits are beginning to show with all four CIF programs now able to use their toolkits to report FY14 results.  It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey!